Mark got his car back this afternoon... along with the missing keys! The insurance had to pay over $1200 dollars in 'fines' to assure that the car was released.  We went to a different pound (up in the foothills) to pick up the vehicle.  We were able to replace the battery and get most of the paint off the windows so that Mark could drive it back to work. Thank you for praying.
I am flying to Merida early on Friday for the next Institute session.  Pastor Omar leaves for Nicaragua on Thursday.
We have a special baptismal service scheduled for this coming Sunday. I printed another 600 copies of Spurgeon's sermon, "Baptism a Burial", to distribute on Sunday and at the upcoming Institute sessions.
Over 50 men have attended each session of the new weekly Institute here in the City.  These are all new students and with few exceptions have no theological preparation. So far we have avoided the opposition that inevitably comes. We have a break this week and will begin again on the first of May.  
We are in the last part of the two-week Semana Santa spring vacation.  There have been some really bad accidents on the highways on our side of town, along with a rare snow-hail storm that held up traffic for 10 hours.  Tom