It is the desire of the Grace Baptist Church to be obedient to the command of our Lord Jesus who said, “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”......Mark 16:15. We understand that to mean in our community, in our nation, and in the world. In order to reach the lost in our nation and in our world, we send missionaries who have been called to a specific area and to a specific people to preach the Gospel. We do this through Faith Promise Giving, which means that what God gives to us, we give back to Him. The missionaries that we support are committed to establishing autonomous Baptist Churches throughout the world. Our church gives thousands of dollars each year to accomplish this endeavor.

The Missionaries Supported by Grace Baptist Church are:



Paul D. Brown - Ministering in Thailand


Sometimes God has surprises in store for us. After pastoring Sherwood Baptist Church in OKC for over 38 years, and at age 62, the Lord called Susan and me to Thailand. We are being sent out by Central Baptist Church in Grenada, MS. Brother Bill Lee is our pastor. We have already assisted on the field for over six months, laboring with Brothers Bill Lee, Wayne Camp, and Anond Phoothaptim. We will be moving there full-time in October to encourage and strengthen the twenty-eight churches which are established already, and continue the ministry of Bro. Wayne Camp in training pastors and evangelists in the preachers’ school.  We also will be preaching and leading Bible studies in fourteen pisons. This outreach has had a far-reaching impact as some of these prisoners have sent word to their animist villages to have us to come preach there. We are excited about the opportunity to preach and teach in villages where the Gospel is unknown, and the people are eager to hear. About 30 children are in the children’s home, supported by the mission. Susan will be involved in helping to raise these children and also in teaching the women, who are eager to learn and who make great sacrifices to come to the Women’s Bible study. We are excited about the wide open doors and opportunites that are before us. We have had invitations also to go to Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and China. Brethren, pray for us.

For a look into our lives on the field, please join us at our blog, www.gracetothailand.com. Susan also writes a blog for children about the mission field, at www.241thai.wordpress.com.


Piddig Baptist Mission

My wife Sis. April and I have come to know the Lord through the ministry of our beloved Pastor Terry and his wife Sis. Cynthia who faithfully shared the Gospel in the ministry in Imus, Cavite Philippines. The Lord used them tremendously in our lives in teaching and molding us spiritually. Through Mission Conferences conducted yearly, the Lord put a burden and desire in my heart to be used by God in fulfilling His command to tell the Good News to all people. Few years after our Pastor went home to be with the Lord that He called us into the ministry. He opened a door of utterance here in Piddig, Ilocos Norte, and we were sent out. We started in the ministry back in May 2014, it has been 5 years now and God has been graciously blessing the work and His people. The mission is located in Brgy 17, Sitio Balbalay Dupitac, Piddig, Ilocos Norte. Amazingly, many souls have come to know the Lord and were changed by the Gospel. We are now faithfully teaching them the Bible for their spiritual growth and strength and urging them to continue in the faith in their daily lives. We aim to spread His word in other places as well, so that people would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. This year we started our afternoon worship service in Brgy. 16 Gayamat. This was the fruit of our month- ly evangelism ministry. We had Bible study series there and after we finished it they wanted to learn more that is why we made it as our afternoon extention work. There are few adults attending and at the same time Sunday School class with the kids. We are praying and waiting for the fruits in all of our endeavor.

Seeking for your prayers, Bro Rodel and Sis April


Tom Montgomery - Ministering in Mexico


Lissa and I have been missionaries in Mexico City since 1983. We have three children: Mark, Luke and Carolyn. We are presently involved in the following ministries:

  • Church planting: We presently have 4 missions and churches in the metro area. The newest mission has a strong group of upper income folks as well as professionals. The attendance averages 100 adults each week and this mission is presently considering purchasing a permanent meeting place.
  •  Training national pastors and workers: We hold a monthly pastor’s Institute in the countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua. The Guatemalan Institute has an average of 30 men who attend each session and the Nicaraguan Institute has an attendance of between 70-90.
  •  Translation, publishing, radio and Internet: We continue a translation and publishing ministry that includes printing and sending books throughout Latin America. Our Spurgeon translation project is the largest source of sound sermons in Spanish on the Internet. Our audio sites enjoy over 15,000 mp3 downloads per month. We have a Sunday evangelistic radio program in Mexico City.

Our desire is to see biblical awakening and revival come to Latin America and a great harvest of souls. Brother Montgomery's sending church is the Covenant Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  His pastor is Daniel Chamberlin.